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Geology and infrastructure of the area containing SF and Porvenir Blanca

Recent News

Approximate location of the SF and Porvenir Projects, owned by Inc.

Inc (previously Corp.) is a Canadian company working on two exploration projects located in the Oruro Department, the tin mining district of Bolivia. The projects lie strategically between tin-producing and Llallagua mines. Both projects are polymetallic (Sn-Zn-Ag) in nature, with mineralisation being within in tin veins hosted in Silurian sediments.

The SF project was historically mined with open pit and underground workings during the Spanish Colonial times. More recently, Rio Tinto drilled 5 holes in 1996, with Tincorp Metals drilling two twin holes to confirm these results. The company is to acquire 100% interest in the SF Tin project, subject to satisfactory confirmatory drill results.

Eighteen kilometres to the south-west of San Florencio, the Porvenir property was subject to a 25,000 m diamond drill campaign by Japanese company Dowa Metals in 2005. Despite incomplete sampling from the previous drilling, more than 19 -zinc veins have been identified. Tincorp Metals are working to relog and resample drilled cores, with their own 5 km drill campaign underway at the end of 2022.


Project Information

Project Name Porvenir & SF Project
Mine Type Underground
Product Concentrates