Project Information

Project Name Sho Basin
Country Nigeria
Mine Type Open Pit
Product Refined Tin
Output (t/y Sn) 200
Mine Life (years) 40
Start Date 2020

Estimated Mineral Resource

Ore (Mt) 23.1 Metal (t)
Sn (%) 0.099 23,118

Laurium Mining Company Ltd. is a new Limited Liability Company, incorporated in Nigeria, to carry out exploration, mining and processing of cassiterite and columbite, with eight licenses covering a total of nearly 340 square km

The Sho Basin Tin Project

The Sho Basin project is located in the Sho area of the Barkin Ladi local government area (LGA), and is the most well-documented and explored of Laurium prospective projects, stretching across two of its license areas. The area was previously prospected by British company Naraguta Karama Mining until nationalisation of the industry in the early 1980s.

Laurium has already completed a geological and geophysical survey of the area, which has indicated a potential high-grade alluvial resource of some 20,000 tonnes. Much of the resource is hosted in highly-weathered basalts, making the deposit amenable to semi-mechanised extraction methods. The company envisages an open-pit mine and nearby “Jumai” processing plant, which will upgrade the tin from a feed grade between 6 – 8% Sn to 70% Sn concentrate using gravity separation techniques. The early-stage mine will produce around 200 tonnes of tin-in-concentrate, but this will quickly be doubled by doubling the number of shifts.

The company is also aiming to become an integrated producer. Germany company Umuelt-Und Ingenieuritechruk GMBH Dresden Mineral Resources has been contracted to carry out a scoping study for multi-element recovery from the cassiterite ore, while Laurium has installed a Batch Smelter pilot plant to produce refined tin metal.