Having finalised the acquisition of the Oropesa project from Eurotin Ltd in November 2018, Elementos has been working to improve the feasibility of the project. Part of this work is the recently announced alternate development strategy.

The original development strategy, which was submitted for Mining and Environmental approvals by Eurotin, has become slightly outdated following Elementos’ work on ore pre-concentration using TOMRA ore-sorting technology.

With the revised strategy, Elementos aims to be more environmentally friendly. The new plans include a redesigned open-cut mine with a significantly reduced footprint, which the company says will reduce the length of the rehabilitation process over the life of the mine. As well as including ore-sorting technology, the revised processing flow will require less power and water.

As a result of the new strategy, Elementos plans to revise the Environmental Impact Statement required by the Andalucian Government. This is thought to coincide with the completion of the Definitive Feasibility Study that is currently underway at Oropesa.