What is the Explorers & Developers Group?

The Tin Explorers & Developers Group was established in 2011 to facilitate networking and communication opportunities for companies who are actively developing tin mine projects globally and its current member’s projects represent some of the most promising sources of future tin mine supply. The Group aims to educate investors and the wider industry about the need and opportunities for investment in future sources of tin supply.

Why we do need tin?

Tin is called the ‘spice element’ because a little of it is present everywhere in ways that are essential to our quality of life. Tin is currently used in a wide variety of products, including cars, houses, and electronics. There are many more new technologies – such as 5G, Internet of Things, and green energy generation and storage – which are likely to use tin. More information can be found on our Tin Use page.

Why invest in tin?

Tin’s fundamental markets – automotive, electronics, and housing – are all strong drivers of tin use, and use of tin has been growing by around 1.6% each year for the last decade. However, a combination of new technologies and an end to constraining factors is likely to see tin use grow much more rapidly over the next decade.

At the same time, investment in new tin supply has been relatively weak for some time. In the last five years, only one significant mine has entered the tin market. Yet with demand likely to grow rapidly, there is an increasing risk of a structural market deficit without significant investment now.

Why join the Explorers & Developers Group?
The International Tin Association is a well-recognised name with global networks, representing the world’s largest tin smelters. Joining the Group can open doors to potential investment and offtake opportunities.

On top of this, Explorers & Developers Group members will also receive promotion through the ITA website and bi-weekly newsletter Tin in the News, as well as speaking opportunities at all ITA events. Furthermore, members will also receive access to regular and informative market reports from the ITA’s Market Intelligence department. For a full list of membership benefits, please use the link below.

Explorers & Developers Group Membership Benefits
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