Friday 6th December 2024
America Square Conference Centre, London EC3N 2LB

Historic underinvestment in new mined tin supply, coupled with both growth in existing tin uses and the emergence of exciting new technologies, means the market needs significant new supply by 2030.

This represents an important investment opportunity. ITA’s Investing in Tin Seminar is a chance to hear from future producers, investors, and analysts, and network with market participants from across the supply chain.

More details on this event will be made available shortly.

The recordings from last year’s seminar can be found here.


Contact us

For speaking opportunities or any other questions, please contact Freddie Mitchell at [email protected]

Registration for online and in-person attendance will open on 06 August

This event is free to attend

Why attend?

Discover the investment case for tin and the importance of this metal to the green energy transition

Network with future tin producers, investors, analysts, and other market participants

Understand what investors think about tin new supply projects, and hear from explorers and developers themselves