The International Tin Association is the focal point for discussion and action on important regional and global issues affecting the tin industry. We work on behalf of most of the world’s major tin producing companies, supported by membership fees and other project specific funding.

Benefits of membership include:

ITA Full and Associate members represent 65% of global tin production, including nine of the top ten global producers who meet twice annually. This unique tin forum gives its members recognition, authority, leadership and voice, providing strategic direction and a platform for collective action.

ITA gathers primary information about tin supply and demand, including feedback from customers representing 48% of global tin use, market forecasts based on statistical modelling and R&D tracking. ITA teams also engage with escalating regulatory requirements globally. Members have the highest access level, giving direct input to their business operations, investment strategies and sustainability compliance.

ITA has decades of experience in exploiting opportunities or tackling industry issues through coordinating industry action, led by its members. Collective expert-led interventions have always proved very significantly more effective, faster and more cost-efficient. Responsible tin sourcing is a current focus. ITA experts are supporting members including implementation of a voluntary Tin Code to simplify downstream due diligence.

ITA brings together networks of industry stakeholders to communicate positive messages about tin, including seminars, an international conference and technical forums. An expanding digital presence though websites, e-newsletters and videos communicate the importance of tin for the future. Members have direct access to these materials and channels to support their own marketing packages.

To ask about joining the International Tin Association please contact our CEO, Helen Prins​

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