Responsible Production


Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining

Artisanal and small scale operations by individuals and local businesses in developing regions contribute about 40% of tin supply

Mining Regions

Find out about circumstances around mining, challenges and improvements at operations across Asia, Africa and Latin America

Sustainable Production

Understand production methods and industry standards for a sustainable flow of mineral to the global marketplace


Find out about tin recycling and circular economy opportunities

Tin Code

Leading members’ reporting on compliance and responsible supply with 10 principles, and 70 industry relevant standards to match international expectations.  The Tin Code is specifically designed for tin mining, smelting and recycling operations globally and takes into account the expectations of influential and important tin consumers.  All International Tin Association members have committed to adopt the Tin Code and its reporting requirements.

Responsible Tin Supply Group

Providing an information exchange platform for companies to share concerns and work together on supply chain issues.


The International Tin Supply Chain Initiative is the industry traceability and due diligence programme. Addressing conflict and human rights challenges at source in partnership with governments and civil society.

Legislation & Compliance

Highlighting regulatory issues and acting to support companies in compliance with the industry’s changing regulatory environment – REACH, food contact, minerals due diligence and more