Together achieving a credible, responsible and more co-ordinated tin supply chain

The Responsible Tin Supply (RTS) group brings together stakeholders from all tiers of the supply chain as a platform for exchanging information, working towards international standards for reporting, and helping to achieve compliance. The group is chaired by Tin Industry Association staff  who also provide information, promote discussion, develop and implement concepts for action with the input and support of participants. There is no charge to join the RTS group and we welcome participants from around the tin supply chain.

For more information please contact Jonathan Rickwood, +44(0)1727871321 or [email protected]

Why join

  • Receive credible and informative communications on tin and tin supply from International Tin Association experts
  • Take part in regular discussions via teleconferencing or at meetings or relevant events
  • Contribute to activities to achieve progressive improvement in tin supply
  • Understand and measure the effects of local actions and projects
  • Receive visibility as a responsible participant in the tin supply chain

New challenges for tin

There has been increasing pressure regarding responsible sourcing of raw materials, particularly around whether they are being sourced from socially and environmentally positive origins. Some existing issues have been exacerbated by misinformation and high profile exposés of end user sourcing arrangements. Legislation such as the Dodd-Frank Act, and multiple surveys, checks and audits are also providing challenges. The International Tin Association believes that an industry co-ordinated approach will be most effective in providing solutions.

Promoting positives of tin

Tin is included in the scope of these raw material discussions due to its high profile as a ‘conflict mineral’ and widespread use in consumer products including electronics and tinplate. However, tin as a metal is also fortunate to have no proven toxic effects in either man or the environment, and in being a metal that is widely recycled in alloys and re-refined metal products. As an industry we can focus more attention on, and make use of these positives.

Scaling Up RTS

The International Tin Association is the global tin body working for the interests of industry stakeholders, including producers, traders, end users and consumers. The International Tin Association has pioneered the ITSCI due diligence programme helping industry avoid conflict financing via mineral trade, and is implementing a global standard ‘Code of Conduct’ for the upstream supply chain. The Internatioanal Tin Association also operates the ‘Responsible Tin Supply’ group to focus on new challenges facing the industry and to assist companies to respond appropriately.

RTS objectives

RTS is a platform for :

  • Enhanced information exchange and understanding between upstream and downstream tin sectors
  • Early identification of emerging issues of key importance to stable and responsible tin supply
  • Clarification of priorities and strategies for managing and resolving supply chain risks
  • Reduction of perceived risks of tin use to downstream company reputation
  • Streamlined sustainability reporting and auditing for tin producers
  • Development of means to incentivise tin suppliers adopting best practices

Focus topics

  • Managing EU regulation expectations for due diligence on tin mineral, metal and chemicals
  • Reporting from higher risk tin supply areas
  • In-depth information from Code of Conduct reporting
  • Defining progress co-operation with key companies and stakeholders in Indonesia


Jonathan Rickwood – Materials Stewardship Officer

+44 (0)1727 871321 or [email protected]