Simplified geological map of the main ore deposits in Rwanda, including Rutongo, Nyakabingo, and Musha-Ntanga (Muchez & Stijn, 2014)

Recent News

Approximate location of the Rutongo Mines, owned by Trinity Metals

Approximate location of the Musha-Ntunga Mine, owned by Trinity Metals

Trinity Metals Limited was established in May 2022 as a joint venture between Piran Rwanda Ltd, Eurotrade International Ltd, and Rutongo Mines Ltd, under equity backing from Techmet. The company acquired its tin mining licenses, namely Rutongo in the Northern Province, and Musha Mines in the Eastern Province, from the Rwandan government. The company additionally holds the Nyakabingo tungsten Mine, also in the Northern Province.

The three constituent companies, each with experience in mining the three T’s (tin, tungsten, and tantalum) in Rwanda, have plans for Trinity Metals’ possible listing in the medium term as well as formal reserve and resource reporting. Trinity Metals intends to invest over $60 million in its existing projects over the next three to five years, with a focus on efficiency and modernization. There are also plans to construct processing plants at the mines.

Rutongo Mines

The Rutongo Mines, situated 26 km north of Kigali, consists of six underground mines: Gisanze, Masoro, Nyamyumba, Gasambya, Karambo, and Mahaza.

With a 25-year license beginning in 2015, the mines are estimated to produce 54,000 tonnes of recoverable tin.

Currently, the mines are producing between 40 to 70 tonnes of tin concentrate per month, with a projection to increase to 200 tonnes within the next five years. The company is actively involved in enhancing the operation to meet this goal.

Musha Mines and Li exploration project

The Musha-Ntunga mine, with a number of satellite mines, is situated 45 km from Kigali in the Eastern Province, with a 25-year mine license from 2014. The Musha Mine, specifically, accounts for more than 95% of production in the licensed area

The operation currently produces 20 tonnes of tin concentrate per month, in addition to small quantities of coltan from the Duha and Ntunga satellite mines. The polymetallic 9,000 t Sn-Ta resource (defined 2018) also contains high-grade lithium (1.5% Li2O) at the Musha-Ntunga pegmatite, currently in the exploration phase to assess scale and extraction possibilities.

Drilling, modeling, and metallurgical testing are underway, with Trinity Metals focusing on defining the potentially globally significant Li-Sn-Ta resource. The company is confident in advancing the project soon into a full feasibility phase.

Project Information

Project Name Rutongo Mines Musha Mines
Country Rwanda Rwanda
Mine type Underground Underground
Product Concentrates Concentrates
Resource initial estimate (t Sn) 56,885 13,540
Current output (t/y Sn) ~525 ~168
Projected output, 2028 (t/y Sn) ~1680 ~504
Investment over 5 years (US$ M) 28 14
Projected LoM (years) 28 26
Start date 2015 2014