Geology of the area containing Xupe and Pedra Blanca

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Approximate location of the Xupe and Pedra Branca mine, owned by Pure Tin

Pure , is an Australian/Brazilian owned and run company with two key projects located in the Parana Tin district of Goias province, Brazil. The project in Xupe was formerly owned and mined by Brumadinho, ’s largest and well-known miner in the 1980s. The tin-tantalum mineralization is mostly associated with pegmatite bodies and with albite-rich aplitic dykes.

40 km to the south of Xupe, the Pedra Branca project is characterized by a very strong alteration with greisens composed of quartz, sericite (Lithium rich), topaz, fluorite and fine and coarse-grained cassiterite. The project was formerly owned by CVRD (Vale) and mined by Brumadinho in the 1980s.

Both projects, which are currently fully permitted for mining, were abandoned by their owners in the 1980s after experienced a severe price crash, but are now considered commercial with the increase of tin price. Pure Tin will be moving both of these exciting two tin mines back into production by the end of 2022.


Project Information

Project Name Pedra Branca & Xupe 
Mine Type Open Pit
Product Concentrates
Mine Life (years) 10
Start Date 2023