ITRI reports that eight of the top ten refined producers increased production in 2014, including all of the big four companies.

The companies included in the 2014 ‘top ten’ producers table remains the same as the previous year. One of two notable changes in 2014 was PT Timah rising above Minsur, who ended the year in 3rd and 4th respectively. However, when production of 5,010 tonnes from Minsur’s subsidiary, , is included, Minsur remains in 3rd position. Additionally, Yunnan rose into 5th place to displace , who dropped into 6th.

All Chinese companies in the increased production in 2014, largely due to the increase in supply and availability of tin ore and concentrates from . produced a record highest annual tonnage of refined tin for the 3rd year running.

Indonesian export restrictions helped PT Timah reverse a long term decline in refined tin production. ITRI is currently working to obtain production information from the private Indonesian smelters, as it is likely that the largest of these should rank just inside the top 10.

Refined tin production was maintained by Minsur in 2014 by depletion of concentrate stocks. Pressure from falling grades at San Rafael should be somewhat alleviated by the development of the Bofedal II tin tailings project and increased production from Taboca, which is expanding its mine operation.

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