ITA China Tin Annual Report 2023

Resilience through Global Headwinds

The pivotal position of China in the global tin market is both underscored and explored in unprecedented detail within our 2023 report. This comprehensive analysis not only charts the resilience and potential for growth within China’s tin sector amidst international economic uncertainties but also provides unique insights into the nuances of the industry that are unavailable elsewhere.

In 2023, despite a slight dip in tin ore production and challenges such as environmental inspections and accidents, China solidified its status as the leading global producer. This report delves into these dynamics, examining the recovery in key regions like Guangxi and Inner Mongolia, and detailing the slight reduction in refined tin output led by Yunnan, amidst maintenance shutdowns and variability in private smelter outputs.

With consumption in China experiencing a surge, driven by demand in the electronics, renewable energy, and automotive sectors, particularly for soldering in the rapidly growing photovoltaics (PV) and new energy vehicles (NEV) industries, the report offers an in-depth look at the factors fuelling this growth. It also highlights the shift in China’s tin trade patterns, including reduced imports from Myanmar and an increase from other countries, alongside a significant rise in refined tin imports, pointing to China’s growing influence in the global tin landscape.

As the market navigated price volatility due to supply disruptions and a resurgence in demand, with the Chinese market tightening in the latter half of the year, our report provides forward-looking analysis into 2024. It anticipates stable production levels with minimal decline and growing demand from key sectors, potentially leading to a shift in market balance. This insight into the Chinese tin industry, set against the backdrop of potential environmental policy changes, global economic shifts, and trade barriers, offers a crucial understanding of its capacity for adaptability and resilience, shaping its trajectory for the future.

March 2024
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46 pages
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Report Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Tin Production in China in 2023
Tin Concentrate Production
– Yunnan Province
– Hunan Province
– Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
– Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Refined Tin Production
– Yunnan Province
– Jiangxi Province
– Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
– Guangdong Province
– Other producing regions
– Secondary Tin Production

Chapter 2. Tin Consumption in China in 2023
– Consumption by quarter
– Consumption by sector
– Solder Sector
– Tin Chemicals
– Tinplate
– Lead-Acid Batteries
– Tin-Copper Alloys
– Other Uses

Chapter 3. China – RoW Tin Trade in 2023
Concentrate Trade Between China and Overseas
– Main trading partners
Refined Tin Trade Between China and Overseas
– China Imports
– China Exports

Chapter 4. Market Balance in China in 2023
– Prices
– Stocks and Trading Volume
– Supply and Demand Position

Chapter 5. Outlook for China in 2024

Chapter 6. Summary
– A crucial role in the global market
– Strong domestic demand
– Positive market outlook for 2024

China Tin Industry Overview
– An ancient tin heritage
– Modern shift
– Resources & Reserves
– Tin Mines – distribution and production
– Tin Smelters – distribution and production
– Tin Users – distribution and products
– Tin trade
– Tin recycling
– Summary

Regulatory Framework and Policy Update
– Regulatory framework
– Hierarchical structure of policies for nonferrous metals sector
– Tin industry policies
– Latest policy update
– Resource exploration
– Guidance on industry development
– Taxation
– Foreign trade
– Product quality
– Environmental protection
– Summary