Tin Industry Review 2022

This is the seventh edition of a series of major studies on the tin market and its outlook published by the International Tin Association since 2008. This 130-page report covers all aspects of the tin market, from global mine production to forecasts for refined tin consumption.

Following on from a decade that saw the rise of emerging economies and unprecedented cooperative globalisation, the 2020s have been much the opposite. The theme of this decade has – so far – been increasing global competition, polarisation, and nationalisation. On top of this, the unprecedented shocks of the US-China trade war and the coronavirus pandemic appear to have pushed the world towards another global recession.

Tin as solder remains the connector of all electronics and is a seminal piece of the green transition. Electric vehicles, solar panels, automation – these are just some of the technologies that rely on tin. However, on the supply side, projects are struggling to gain traction. Tin prices have so far failed to live up to the demand hype, resulting in a lack of investment.

All of the key questions which will determine the outlook for the industry are considered in depth and answered objectively, including:

  • Will the tin price move into a sustained period of higher prices, or can more volatility be expected?
  • After a period of under-investment, will new tin mines be able to obtain the financing to get off the ground?
  • Will recycling play an increasing role in balancing supply and demand?
  • Will miniaturisation of electronics continue to impact tin demand, or is its effect fading?
  • Are there new market opportunities for tin outside of traditional uses?

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