Down But Not Out

The International Tin Association’s Tin Industry Review 2022 is a comprehensive 110-page report, delivering an exhaustive examination of the tin market landscape, encompassing global mining production, refined tin consumption forecasts, and the strategic interplay of supply and demand dynamics.

The 2020s have ushered in a paradigm shift from the globalisation and cooperation of the past decade to an era marked by intensified global competition, polarisation and nationalistic tendencies. This transition, compounded by the impacts of the US-China trade tensions and the COVID-19 pandemic, steered the world towards another economic downturn.

Amid these challenges, tin’s role as a crucial element in the green transition—powering technologies from electric vehicles to solar panels—remains undiminished. However, the industry faces hurdles on the supply side, with investment lagging behind the surging demand.

This report delves into the critical questions shaping the tin market’s future, offering objective analyses on financing prospects for new mining projects, the role of recycling in market equilibrium, and the potential shifts in tin demand due to technological advancements and new market opportunities. With its in-depth insights and strategic outlook, this report is an indispensable tool for stakeholders navigating the complex dynamics of the tin industry. Explore the future of tin with us and stay ahead in this evolving market.

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Report Contents

Executive Summary
– Down But Not Out
– Outlook for Tin Usage
– Tin Production and Investment
– Market Balance and Price Outlook

Chapter 1: Outlook for Tin Usage
– Overview
– Demand Trends
– Market Trends and Drivers
– Technology Threats and Opportunities
– Forecast to 2025 and Beyond

Chapter 2: Current and Future Tin Supply
– Global mine production
– Secondary feedstocks
– Refined tin production

Chapter 3: Market Balance and Price Outlook
– The Supply/Demand Position and Stock Levels
– Regional Developments
– Tin Price History
– Forecast Supply/Demand Position and Prices