Cornish Metals Inc. (TSX-V/AIM: CUSN) has announced the commissioning of the South Crofty mine water treatment plant (MWTP) is complete, and the company is set to begin dewatering the mine.

Following the completion of the successful wet commissioning of the MWTP and construction of a high-density sludge bed at the plant, treated water from the mine will be discharged into the Red River from the week of October 30. Dewatering the mine, which originally began production in the sixteenth century and since its closure in 1996 has flooded, is expected to take 18 months at a rate of 25,000 cubic metres of water per day.

The MWTP will improve water quality in the Red River, which currently receives untreated mine water from historical operations, and water discharged will power a hydro-turbine capable of generating up to 15% of the power consumed by the plant. Additionally, Cornish Metals are investigating opportunities to use the 25-degree Celsius mine water to heat 800 homes in the local area.

Cornish Metals CEO Richard Williams commented that this is “a significant milestone for the continued advancement of the Project towards an investment decision.” He continued, “Planning and preparation are underway for the re-accessing of the mine, which will take place in parallel with mine dewatering.”

Our view: the on-track commissioning of the MWTP and imminent commencement of dewatering places Cornish Metals well for the completion of a Feasibility Study expected by the end of 2024.

Cornish Metals is a member of the ITA’s Explorers & Developers Group