The International Tin Association (ITA) is pleased to announce that Democratic Republic of Congo tin producer, Mining Minerals Resources (MMR) has joined its membership. Representing the world’s major tin producers, ITA is the world authority on tin and at the forefront of responsible sourcing standards implementation.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with tin industry leaders in demonstrating the importance and sustainability of tin as a vital resource” said the company’s Director Hitesh Chag. “MMR recognises the benefits of industry cooperation to ensure tin continues to meet customer needs for secure and responsible supply.”

MMR was established in 2009 to explore the potential for tin and tantalum in the DRC. The company is now active in exploration, trading and production, primarily targeting the Kibarian Belt, exporting from Haut Katanga.

The company have participated in ITSCI’s responsible sourcing programme since 2011, being one of the first companies in the region to implement mineral supply chain due diligence. Activities have grown from the original business trading artisanally produced minerals to the current larger scale operations.

MMR is keen to participate in ITA’s global industry Tin Code standard and is committed to reporting to the standard within its first year of membership. The Tin Code addresses consumer expectations for responsible supply chains, including environmental, safety, human rights and labour issues.

ITA’s expertise in understanding tin market dynamics, tracking future tin supply and demand also aligns with MMR’s business interests. This data will help to keep the company at the forefront of an industry that has significant opportunities ahead.

ITA represents more than 75% of global tin production in its full and associate memberships and is an effective platform for tin industry cooperation. It works to demonstrate the importance of tin in everyday life, for example as solder joining all electronics, whilst at the same time pioneering tin industry ESG protocols. Through ITA, all levels of the tin supply chain can engage to provide an exceptional forum for dialogue and action.

More information on tin markets is available on the ITA website:

See also the Mining Minerals Resources (MMR) website:

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