PENANG, MALAYSIA — The 2024 International Tin Conference in Penang opened with a forward-looking keynote by Mariano Pero, Chairman of the International Tin Association (ITA) and General Manager at Operaciones Metalurgicas S.A. (OMSA) in Bolivia. Addressing an audience composed of industry leaders, Pero emphasized tin’s crucial role in modern technology and sustainability, outlining ITA’s strategy for navigating the sector’s future challenges and opportunities.

Tin is often called the “spice element” due to its widespread but little-known presence in electronics and numerous other products in everyday life. It has been a cornerstone of human development from the Bronze Age to today’s high-tech applications. Pero highlighted tin’s vital function in billions of electronic devices globally, cementing its importance in energy transition technologies, such as electric vehicles and solar panels, and digital advancements, including AI.

Looking ahead, Pero outlined ITA’s TIN2030 vision, anchored in three strategic pillars: Sustainability, Technology, and Markets. Each of these pillars plays a crucial role in ensuring the tin industry remains resilient and innovative.

Sustainability remains at the forefront of ITA’s agenda. Pero detailed efforts to minimize environmental impact and foster a circular economy, including advancements in tin recycling and responsible mining practices. He also praised the implementation of the Tin Code and ITA Assurance system, enhancing transparency and sustainability standards across the industry.

On the technological front, Pero expressed excitement about the sector’s potential, noting tin’s expanding applications in renewable energy and next-generation electronics. He affirmed ITA’s commitment to research and innovation, aiming to harness tin’s properties to meet growing technological demands.

Addressing market dynamics, Pero acknowledged the current volatility influenced by economic and geopolitical factors. However, he highlighted ITA’s robust market intelligence capabilities, which provide critical insights to navigate these uncertainties effectively.

Pero’s speech concluded with a call for increased collaboration within the industry to leverage collective strengths in addressing global challenges. He invited attendees to continue the dialogue throughout the conference, stressing that cooperation is essential for the industry’s long-term success.

As the conference continues, Pero’s vision of a sustainable, technologically advanced, and market-savvy tin industry sets the stage for a series of discussions that will likely shape the future of this essential metal.

See the full speech here: ITA Chairman Speech ‘Tin for Tomorrow’, International Tin Conference 2024