Yinman Mining Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Inner Mongolia Xingye Mining Co., Ltd., has paused operations starting from June 9, 2023, for an estimated one-month period to implement significant technological upgrades. The exact resumption time will depend on the progress of the transformation.

The transformation aims to enhance the mineral processing recovery rate and ore grade of its cassiterite. Yinman Mining has assembled a dedicated research team in partnership with various research institutions, including the Mining Technology Group Co., Ltd., and the China University of Mining and Technology.

Key initiatives include a cassiterite flotation renovation project and a raw ore scrapping project. The renovation project is expected to boost Yinman Mining’s tin recovery rates from the current 50% to around 70% after completion by early July 2023. Meanwhile, the raw ore scrapping project is set to conclude by end-September 2023 and will focus on enhancing infrastructure and reducing waste rates.

These upgrades are anticipated to significantly enhance Yinman Mining’s production efficiency and recovery rates. The company produced around 1,200 tons and 2,800 tons of tin metal in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Following the technological transformation, Yinman Mining projects a production increase to approximately 6,200 tons in 2023, a jump of over 120% from the previous year. Similarly, the output of secondary tin metals is also predicted to rise by over 120% year-on-year.