Four big commodity traders and three Indonesian tin producers are readying to a soon-to-be launched physical contract for the metal, a trade ministry official told Reuters, offering hope the new contract will secure enough liquidity to make it a success.

Commodity & Derivative Exchange (ICDX) will launch its physical tin contract on January 15 next year, Syahrul Sempurnajaya, head of the commodity futures trading regulatory agency (COFTRA) at the trade ministry, said. “The three tin producers who have been ready to trade their tin on the Jakarta physical tin market are , PT Tin and PT Bukit Timah,” Sempurnajaya said on Wednesday. He added that the four tin traders looking to use the tin contracts were Mitsubishi, Toyota , Noble Group and Credit Suisse.

The three producers are the only Indonesian companies whose brands are approved as good delivery to the London Metal Exchange, with PT Bukit Timah’s IMLI brand joining the list earlier this year. Most other Indonesian independent producers ship tin for final refining to , and . Mitsubishi and Toyota are the largest suppliers to and other Asian markets, while the major Noble trading group has recently expanded its base metals business, including tin.

The new physical tin contract will trade in lots of 5 tonnes per lot, for 15 minutes each day, from 2.30 to 2.45 local time, Sempurnajaya said. “We will have remote trading on physical tin contracts, with physical settlement at PT Timah’s warehouses in Mentok, Bangka, and at two other delivery sites in Jakarta and Surabaya.” The ICDX will limit daily volumes to 600 lots only or 3,000 tonnes per day only, Sempurnajaya said.