Indonesian tin producer PT Timah has renewed its commitment to the global tin industry association ITRI as a key step forward in its mission to be a leading mining company in a world increasingly driven by sustainability issues. Representing the world’s major tin producers, ITRI is pleased to announce that PT Timah has reinstated its membership, renewing a long-standing industry partnership that is now ready to move forward together on a set of important initiatives.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to make a real contribution to promoting tin as a sustainable and vital resource for today’s quality of life,” said the company’s new President Director Mochtar Riza Pahlevi Tabrani. “PT Timah is committed to implementing good governance and responsible mining practices whilst at the same time optimising tin’s business potential. Working together has to be the best way to achieve that level of industry leadership.”

PT Timah is one of the world’s largest integrated tin producers. It mines more than 500,000 hectares on land and offshore from the islands of Bangka, Belitung and Kundur in Indonesia, and is 65% state owned. It also has significant downstream interests, producing solder, tin chemicals and other products.

ITRI is a platform for tin industry cooperation, working to demonstrate the importance of tin in everyday life, for example as solder joining all electronics, whilst at the same time recognising concerns about sustainability and responsible production. Through ITRI all levels of the tin supply chain can engage to provide an exceptional forum for dialogue and action.

PT Timah is particularly keen to support ITRI’s global industry Code of Conduct standard, which is now being implemented. This will address consumer expectations for responsible supply chains, including environmental, safety, human rights and labour issues.

ITRI’s expertise in understanding tin market dynamics, engaging with tin users and tracking future tin technologies also aligns directly with PT Timah’s upstream and downstream business interests and will ensure the company stays at the forefront of an industry with significant threats and opportunities ahead.

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