The Bolivian, state owned, Vinto Metallurgical Company (EMV) has reported production of 12,106 tonnes of refined tin in 2015, its highest in 20 years, according to local news sources.

The smelters 2015 production exceeded a target of 11,300 tonnes and represents a 3.2% year on year increase from the 11,734 tonnes of refined tin produced in 2014. The company also reported that it exported 12,300 tonnes of tin during the year. This resulted in US$ 204 million in revenue for the company and profits of between 4 and 5 million dollars, all despite low international tin prices, according to the manager of EMV, Ramiro Villavicencio. 14,000 tonnes of refined tin production from the Vinto smelter is planned in 2016. The company has been active is finding new customers overseas with a US $106 million deal agreed late last year with ThyssenKrupp of Germany to supply 13,200 tonnes of tin over the next two years.

According to Villavicencio, the company’s new $39.5 million Ausmelt smelter, which was commissioned in September 2015, is in full operation, but tin concentrate throughput at the plant will be increased through January from the current 70 tpd to 100 tpd, to match the capacity of the Ausmelt furnace. The Vinto smelter currently buys between 85% and 90% of all tin concentrates produced in Bolivia, including those of the two state-operated tin mines, Huanuni and Colquiri.