Yunnan Tin Company Limited () has announced it will cease production to undertake maintenance of its smelter in Gejiu for a period of 41 days starting on 31 August.

The company does not expect the planned production halt to have a significant influence on its overall 2017 refined tin output, but we estimate that the short-term impact will be a 5,000 t reduction in refined tin production during the maintenance period.

YTC’s 2017 first half report has also revealed operating incomes of 18.685 billion RMB (US$ 2.8 billion), up by 13.5% year-on-year with net profits to shareholders totaling 359 million RMB (~US$ 54 million).
The company’s improved financial performance is largely linked to the stronger price performance of non-ferrous metals compared to last year, although it has also announced successes in improving operational efficiency and cutting costs and fees.