Limited has reported a significant increase in ore mined, production and operational challenges during the first quarter of 2023 at its Operation, located on the west coast of .

The Renison Tin Operation, a 50/50 joint venture between Metals X Limited and Group, reported an increase in total ore mined and tin production during the quarter, with total ore mined increasing by 14.1% from 186,291 tonnes in Q4 2022 to 212,578 tonnes in Q1 2023. Similarly, the total tin produced increased by just under 3% from 1,925 tonnes to 1,981 tonnes during the same period.

However, the quarterly report also highlighted the decrease in the rate at the mill from 75.2% in Q4 2022, to 74.2% in Q1 2023. The grade of the ore processed also decreased from 1.63% to 1.57% during the same period whilst high talc and Sulphur grades impacted the overall recovery rate, although the grade of the ore mined increased from 1.23% to 1.41%.

In addition, the amount of tin-in-concentrate shipped to and decreased from 1,209 tonnes to 824 tonnes in Q1 2023. Although challenges were reported, Metals X stated that it was pleased with the increased mined ore and tin production but acknowledged that the drop in mill recovery and decline in shipments to its key customers were areas of concern. The company also added that it would be implementing measures to address these issues, including reviewing its mining and processing methods.

Our View: Although it has been a challenging start to 2023, these are encouraging results from Metals X, and we expect continued growth in production to continue over the coming years, especially if the trialled methods to improve recovery and deal with high talc levels succeed.