Scientists in have demonstrated an Mg2Sn magnesium- alloy electrode enabling magnesium to now be operated at room temperature.

Magnesium is much cheaper and more abundant than lithium and has 170% higher capacity, but until now the electrodes corroded too quickly and the batteries can only be used with certain solvents at high temperature.

A team at Chungnam National University, Korea have shown that the Mg2Sn electrode is more corrosion resistant and can remain stable during charge and discharge without being oxidised. The will be optimised to improve conductivity, capacity and cycling performance, including ways to speed up the flow of magnesium ions.

The team are confident that “this novel technology will provide a new platform for next generation batteries beyond lithium”

Chungnam National University, Korea paper November 2017
Business Korea report on the development December 2017

Photo credit: ScienceNews

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